The S.T.E.M and Arts blog by Aurelius Raines II

The S.T.E.M and Arts blog by Aurelius Raines II
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ugly Duckling Science

We are studying Matter this month. We are learning that a physical property is when we use our 5 senses to observe matter. During a reading of the Ugly Duckling, the question cam up, "Can you keep water from freezing if you paddle it?"

So we got two bowls of water and a motorized paddle. We put the paddle in one of the bowls and put them both in the freezer. During science we checked to see if the water with the paddle in it had frozen. The water with the paddle did freeze. So we concluded that you can't stop water from freezing by paddling it.

This is just an example of how science is everywhere.

Special Note! 
Admission to the Museum of Science and Industry is free for the month of October. Read the plaques to them and show them what they should be experiencing at each exhibit. Button mashing just isn't good science.

Exhibits of note:
You: The Experience is an awesome interactive exhibit about the human body. Check out the Giant Heart.

They also have famous skyscrapers made out of Legos. For those of you who don't know, Legos are the preferred toy for future/ current engineers everywhere. That makes them a better investment than a Nintendo DSi any day.

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