The S.T.E.M and Arts blog by Aurelius Raines II

The S.T.E.M and Arts blog by Aurelius Raines II
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Science Fair!

Micah presents his project.
Showing Off!

This last week has been sooooo busy with science business. First, of course, we had our yearly science fair. Every year I ask for a little more from my students, and every year they don't disappoint. The science party started with a cool (and cute) performance from the pre-school class. They taught us about DNA and how it works in the body.

Imagine the sinful amount of pride I experienced when one of the judges told me how inspired she was by the children's experiemnts. Below  are some photo highlightts from this week and the names of all of the winners from this years science fair. 
1st-Cosby McDowell
Zakiya Nickson
2nd-Michael Brewer
Selah Payne
3rd-Kami Davis
Christina Harris

1st-Raelyn Marshall
1st-Joshua Lambert
2nd-Kaeden Buford
2nd-Azia Papillon
3rd-Eric Werner
3rd-Marquan Wordlow

1st-Nicole Sanders
1st-Kennedy Springfield
2nd-Morgan Springfield
2nd-Zari Nickson
3rd-Tryphena Guice
3rd-Kourtni Barber

1st-Nailah Lewis
1st-Nikkia Ferguson
2nd-Pierre Papillon
2nd-Trinity Thomas
3rd-Cameron Pickett
3rd-Micah Payne

Students watch the Shop Bot cut out their name plates

Students solder potentiometers as they prepare for the next week's project. 

Careful, those irons are hot!Safety first.
Students show off another great project!

Kennedy is learning to program an Ardruino

Adding code to Micah's project allows it to move

Joshua learns to make his servo "walk"

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