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The S.T.E.M and Arts blog by Aurelius Raines II
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Friday, April 25, 2014


The formula for acceleration.

6th and 7th grade have been learning about motion. There are MANY types of opportunities for experimentation. This week, in our study on acceleration, we learned how to calculate acceleration. It's SO easy! 
Students make observations about
mass and acceleration by pushing each other down
the hall. Mr. Raines is next!
Just take the velocity (speed in a direction) at the end of your trip, 
and subtract it from the speed at the beginning of your trip. Then divide that from the time of your trip. 
Now you know your acceleration! 

According to our last test, we've also had to work on interpreting graphs. This is also a good skill to brush up on before testing begins. We did an exercise in class where we had to look at a graph and tell a story based on the data in the graph. 
XT_Graph_~_Acceleration.pngHere is an example:

The graph to the right shows Zahi's Bike Ride. Zahi got on his bike for the first time this spring. The gears were rusty and stiff and it was very hard to pedal at first. The more he pedaled, the more rust that fell off the bike. After 4 seconds the bike was much easier to pedal and he went faster and faster. Eventually, he was moving at 20 meters per second! Like the Flash!

Here are some web sites that will give your student some practice in graph interpretation.

Data and Graph Practice

Khan Academy Graph intuition

8th Graders are studying the wonderful world of evolution and adaption. This week, we've studied the work of Charles Darwin (Chuck D). We are also using him as a model as we study our own ecosystem at Darwin Pond. In this lab, we are studying a virtual pond. The students get to create their own micro organisms and study how they evolve and adapt. They are recording their observations in a lab journal. Click here to download the free software at home and run tests on your own. 

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