The S.T.E.M and Arts blog by Aurelius Raines II

The S.T.E.M and Arts blog by Aurelius Raines II
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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Meet Mr. Raines

My name is Aurelius Raines II. I will be teaching the X-Men group for the remainder of the summer.
I've been a teacher with the Cambridge School for 10 years. I've taught every grade from Pre-K to 8th and every subject from Spanish to Science. If you want to learn about what I do, feel free to Google/YouTube me (I am the second of three Aurelius'. I am neither the pastor or the 13-year-old rapper/poet. You can keep track at the AWESOME things that we do at my blog
I want to really leverage the time I have with your students. With your support, I look forward to making a lot of progress!

Here is a summary of my plan:

This first week has been spent reassessing your child's skill level. I know this has been done already, I just have some extra questions that will give me a better idea of how we are going to move forward. I've spent this week reviewing and creating a general and individual lesson plan for each one of my students.

One of the areas of need that I have already identified concern fractions, decimals, and logical thinking. In addition to the work that I'll be doing with them in class, the students will get along a lot better if they also do some practicing at home. has a wealth of math lessons and practice problems that I can track easily from anywhere. This will give me real-time intelligence on their progress and help me to adjust their individual lesson plan as time goes on. It will also be a tool that you, as a parent, can use as your student goes into the next school year.

I will build students writing and structure skills with daily writing prompts, workshops, and evaluations. We will read a series of short stories and essays to see model of good writing and as a way of build reading comprehension and informational text. Click here to see the writing rubric I will be using. 

I love feed back and thrive on communication with my students and their parents. Please do not be shy about calling, texting, or e-mailing me. Teachers have VERY boring night lives. 

Cell: 773-727-9092

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