The S.T.E.M and Arts blog by Aurelius Raines II

The S.T.E.M and Arts blog by Aurelius Raines II
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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Why Are We Learning This?

Last Week
Pierre reads his short story to the class.
A student holds Fahrenheit 451,
a book on the
Bucket List of Science Fiction
Because of a staff illness, we had to rearrange some plans in Science. While the students were asked to keep up with their Lesson 4 reading, we worked on building inference skills as we read They Are Made Of Meat, a short story by Terry Bisson. As we read, students were asked to write what they knew and, as a result, what they could infer, (ex: we know that the characters collect samples and study them. We can INFER that they are scientists.)

Children experience a "bomb drill" to get context about the
short story, "There Will Come Soft Rains" by Ray Bradbury.
We also touched on how authors have used science fiction to investigate how science and technology effects our lives now and in the future. Many science fiction stories investigate themes such as nuclear war, peace, and religion. As an exercise in narrative writing, I asked the students to write their own science fiction story. I was impressed and entertained.

I am editing them for grammar, spelling, and style. (this was a pass/fail grade. They received full points for completing it) 

As a bonus, I gave my students a 'Bucket List" of Science Fiction literature.
What would you add to the list. Feel free to comment. 

Next week
5th through 7th will focus on the WHY's of scientific research in preparation for the UNIT test on Friday. They can use previous tests and flashcards as study guides.

8th Grade will take a test on Tuesday on the history of life on earth. I predict they will do well. From there we will examine classification. They are already familiar with the vocabulary and concepts I expect them to do well.
They have already had access to the cards. I am sharing them with you.

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